Official statement on the actions in reference to the COVID-19 pandemic – The Christian Campus Church

18 March 2020

Dear Church family,

Official statement on the actions in reference to the COVID-19 pandemic – The Christian Campus Church

As previously stated, it is no understatement to say that we as a church faces a great challenge in the recent outbreak of this virus. The virus has made an impact on our world from travel, freedom of movement, corporate gatherings and doing everyday life. The church is not immune to these impacts.

We therefor as leadership of The Christian Campus Church decided to postpone all physical gatherings until government has cancelled the restrictions as such. The health and wellbeing of all congregants is of utmost importance to us and we will continue to comply with all government requirements as a church.

We are however not without hope as a congregation and will stand firm in these times on God’s promises and declare the supremacy of the blood of Jesus Christ against all forms of evil.

This threat also creates an opportunity for us. Although we have suspended the Sunday gatherings and Life Group meetings, we in the process to establish other added forms of communicating with you regularly. An online church will be established whereby we will have services online on various platforms, life group contact through different media available to us and all other ways of communication as the need arises.

We will communicate this to you as we progress in setting up all that is needed to stay in contact and serve you as a congregation. There will be an increase in activities on our upgraded Website, in Facebook activities, and live stream services, social media presence, etc.

The threat of this pandemic also creates an opportunity to reach a lost world for Christ for people will be more open to the gospel of Christ than ever before. We are determined to speak the Truth of the Gospel at this time and to serve in Jesus’ Name by all means and opportunities available. We are reaching out to our community in all allowable ways and will provide various types of assistance.

We will also communicate with and through the Life Group leaders and most activities will be coordinated by them. If you not in a life group currently, we will soon gather all necessary contact information (cell numbers, physical addresses, digital platform availability, etc.) and communicate to you our communication platforms once established.

Our prayer is that your heart will be strengthened by the Holy Spirit and that you will use this dark season as an opportunity to be the light that the world so desperately needs,

Grace and peace be with you.

Pastors Ben and Bernadine Hooman.

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