Light and Hope in the Valley: Tears and Talk

All of us will walk through the valley of grief and loss in different times and in different ways. God has given us an entire book of the Bible that teaches us how to navigate the valley of sorrow and loss, an entire book of the Bible that addresses the issue of grief, an entire book that shows us how to navigate through this valley of sorrow and loss.

The book is called Lamentations. Studying this book will help you to be better equipped to live and serve in a suffering world, and it will encourage you to meet Christ on the path of sorrow.


Charles Hodge, who was a professor of theology at Princeton, made a very striking statement. Writing on the passage in Corinthians he writes,
“It is a great mistake to suppose that the natural tendency of pain and sorrow is towards the good. A great mistake to think that it naturally moves into a good direction.
The natural tendency to pain and sorrow rather is to excite rebellion against God and all evil feelings. It is only when these are sanctified, and that by the Holy Spirit to bring into exercise patience and faith in the sufferer, that they then bring forth the good fruit of righteousness”.