Love God, Love People.

Our mission is to create a passionate family of believers, a place where you can encounter God and His love for you. A church where you can discover your calling and develop the ability to step into your God given purpose.

We are all called for a time such as this. Experience God’s glory to such an extent that compassion will flow from you so that the people around you may experience God’s greatness.
The Christian Campus is all about raising an army for His Kingdom, an army that will stand together like a family knowing that we are brothers and sisters in Christ.
We are called for greatness, see it, develop it, DO IT

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A Soul Restored: Restore Joy

These heart-cries for revival are prayers in which we come to God in faith and ask Him to do something, asking Him to restore our joy.

A Soul Restored: Restore Faith

For many Christians there is a huge difference between the faith they profess and the life they experience. We need to preach the gospel to ourselves daily so that faith can overcome unbelief.